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Tidal Creek Co-op is unique. It’s a place to buy the groceries you need to nurture your family, while being part of creating a healthier future for our community and our planet. Tidal Creek provides the most complete shopping option for people in the Greater Wilmington community interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and conscious of where their dollars are being spent.

Beyond being a great place to buy groceries, Tidal Creek serves the community in many ways: education, outreach, community partnerships, supporting local charities and building community by providing a place for people to meet, connect, and share information and ideas.

Unlike conventional grocery stores, as a community owned Co-op, all of our surplus gets reinvested locally – in the Co-op, in the local community and gets refunded to the Owners. This is very different from most conventional “chain” grocery stores – owned by shareholders, existing for the sole purpose of making a profit to benefit investors only. At conventional grocery stores the surplus goes to the investors and does not stay local.

When you shop at Tidal Creek Co-op you can feel good about every purchase, because when you shop at a Food Co-op you make a difference! Co-op’s reinvest dollars in the local economy – for every $1 spent at Tidal Creek Co-op approximately 68% returns to the community through donations, taxes, payroll, Co-op profits and other expenditures. We support local farmers and vendors and specialize in healthy, all-natural, organic foods and products.

Why You Should Get Involved
with Palm Done Right

Palm can be grown for good, bringing benefits to:

  • Our planet, due to palm oil’s land efficiency.
  • Local communities, due to the economic development oil palm production creates.
  • Our market, due to palm oil’s versatility and functionality as an ingredient, lifting product quality and performance.

Together, we can influence change for:

  • Manufacturers that are still using conflict palm oil for their products.
  • Retailers that are still listing products that contain conflict palm oil.
  • Brokers and distributors that are still supplying their customers with products that contain conflict palm oil.
  • Shoppers that have the power to vote with their dollar.

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