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Connect with Sno-Isle Food Co-op here
Welcome to the Co-op! We are a full service grocery store, offering local, whole and organic foods, with a passion for sharing good food with everyone.
The Co-op is owned by over 5,000 families in Snohomish & Island County areas. Since 1997, we have built strong ties with other local business, farmers, and producers to help strengthen the economic, social and environmental fabric of our community.


"Sno-Isle Food Co-op: Growing the health of our communities from the roots up!"


To achieve our vision our mission is:
  1. Feature wholesome and organic products
  2. Support local/sustainable growers and producers
  3. Operate in an Eco-friendly and sustainable manner at the highest level possible
  4. Provide outreach and education to promote health and sustainability
  5. Thrive financially while maintaining affordability
  6. Grow a diverse membership, expand member involvement and be a proactive  member in our vital (ever-changing) local communities
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to access and inclusion.
  8. Providing a desirable work place by investing in our employees well-being