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Belfast Co-Op Global Ends Statement
The Belfast Co-op exists so that our member-owners and our community will have:

A thriving, just, and sustainable local food economy
A source of healthy, nutritious, affordable food, and water
An efficiently managed, democratically governed, inclusive cooperative enterprise
A greater understanding of health, food systems, cooperatives, and economic & environmental sustainability
An invested, engaged, and empowered staff that thrive in a safe, respectful,
inclusive, and equitable workplace.


Mission Statement

The Belfast Co-operative Store is a membership owned and controlled organization that operates a retail outlet for whole natural foods and other goods and provisions. We strive to offer and promote the continued availability of a wide selection of products organically produced and locally sourced whenever available, at reasonable prices, to support healthy lifestyle choices for both our members and the general public. Our intent is to be a resource for information and action concerning health, nutrition, and the source of our products, as well as for building community.


Values Statement

The Belfast Co-operative is a member-owned market and café that seeks to foster community, support local producers and educate for healthier food production and consumption. To these ends we hold the following values:

  • Transparency in operating our business. We work for an atmosphere of honesty, respect and inclusiveness, with open communication among members, employees and management.

  • Encouraging participation, building an organization that acquires and transfers knowledge, promotes from within, and creates a positive work environment.

  • Exercising ecological and social responsibility.

  • Being an active and progressive resource for the community, and promoting an ethical economy.