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 About Welcome Chicken + Donuts

Our goal at Welcome Chicken + Donuts is to provide our customers with an excellent bite in a part of town we love; using the finest sourced ingredients at a value; providing quick and attentive service; from inspired folks who want to share our ideal  culinary, hospitality and cultural experience.

Why do we use Palm Done Right?

As donut producers we have been on a search since day one for the products that make our donuts not only more delicious, but that also allow us to be a business of conscience. Palm Done Right delivers on both fronts and then some. We haven’t found a fry oil to rival it in ters of longevity and quality, and we are thrilled to know that the money we send to Palm Done Right is going back to supporting the farmers, the health of the soil, and ultimately the health of the planet.

List of Products Using Palm Done Right

Cake Donuts, Vegan Yeast Donuts, Yeast Donuts, Apple Fritters, Breakfast Sandwiches, Bread Pudding

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