The People Doing Palm Right



Trillium Soaps was founded in 1992 in Midcoast Maine with a commitment to produce the finest quality natural soaps. Whether it is a pure, creamy white bar of lavender soap or a wild, colorful bar of lemon-lime with a swirl of french green clay and poppyseeds, we put years of experience and knowledge into creating simple beautiful natural soaps. Using organic olive, organic palm fruit, and organic coconut oils as a base. Adding organic herbs, seeds, spices, and clays to make each variety unique and kind to your skin. And finished with pure essential oils for fragrance. 


We have been delivering our hand made natural soaps to natural food stores, gift shops, and directly to the general public for 27 years now. Our life style has always been with a bent towards healthy living for ourselves and others. We use organic and natural foods, herbs, and other products as a pathway to stay healthy and do the least harm socially and environmentally. We stay informed and attempt to make sensible choices for ourselves and our business. 



“Palm Done Right is important to us because we feel palm fruit oil is a fabulous part of the three oil traditional soap making combo and that there are many people growing and producing a good product with responsibility and integrity. These farms, farmers, and producers should be fairly represented and not suffer from the reputation and ill practice of others.”