The People Doing Palm Right

Tres Spa

From the first look, the first touch, the first aromatic note that reaches your senses you know that Tres Spa products are a cut above the rest. Our inspiration comes from nature and the long history of holistic health and aromatic practices. Our approach to personal care is for the Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Trés Spa designs skin care products that are as close to nature as you can get. Modern science and technology has brought us many things. Some are life saving while others cause destruction. When selecting ingredients that go into our personal care line, we made a few important decisions long ago and we stand by them today; to

  • Keep it real! Use only natural plant based oils, organic whenever possible, botanicals, and food grade ingredients.
  • All ingredients are active. Each one of the ingredients has purpose and meaning, contributing to the complete formulation.We wont use cheap fillers to artificially bulk up our products.
  • No imitation. We only use essential oils, never synthetic fragrances – ever. So if you want the banana berry pineapple scent, we suggest you buy the fruit.
  • Choose sustainable sources. We emphacize using ingredients that can be sustained both ecologically and economically, without causing devastation to any region or harm to any living habitat. Whenever possible, use hemp oil (There are many reasons ecologically and nutritionally)
  • Be original. All of our designs or formulations come from a variety of inspirational sources.Our own desire and experience, customer responses and interactions, and nature around us to name a few. We will not reproduce or replicate someone else’s work. It’s just plain rude so please don’t ask.


“I have used Organic Palm for over a decade now but I switched to PDR because it's more than just the Palm. It's the complete focus on doing it right for the planet and for preserving biodiversity and indigenous life and for the people. PDR represents responsible stewardship at the highest level and I sleep better knowing I can trust putting their products in my creations.”
Janice Summers
Trés Spa