The People Doing Palm Right

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New Barn Organics makes plant-based, organic foods that are sold nationwide in natural,
specialty, and mainstream channels. Founded in 2015, it has grown into a platform brand that
offers customers the organic foods they crave in multiple categories. The company is guided by
its commitments to transparent and organic practices, as well as its belief that its products
should contain the Fewest, Cleanest, Simplest Ingredients.™


New Barn Organics sources our palm oil from Palm Done Right for a lot of good reasons. It’s
superior in quality, their supply chain is completely transparent, and it’s certified 100% organic
and fair trade. Most importantly, their farmers use regenerative agriculture practices such as
composting and cover cropping, improving the habitat for native wildlife. No orangutans live
where the oil is produced, making their oil completely orangutan-safe.

Palm Done Right’s practices completely align with our company’s purpose to make simple,
nourishing organic food that honors the land and people who produce it. We embody this
purpose at every level of our production, and Palm Done Right’s values match our own. It’s easy
to see why we chose to source great oil from a great company.