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Connect with Good Spread here:

Good Spread is a peanut butter company born from a non-profit called MANA (MANA makes a vitamin-fortified, therapeutic peanut butter that cures Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), the leading cause of death among children worldwide).  Vertically integrated, joined at the hip.  MANA+Good Spread work together globally to eliminate SAM.

We’ve partnered with Palm Done Right because the integrity of our ingredients, including all stakeholders in the supply ecosystem, is inseparable from our mission to treat and dignify malnourished children. It makes no sense to pursue our mission at the expense of the people and environment involved in our supply chain.  Our total footprint and business behavior matter. We’re with and advocating for Palm Done Right because of the demonstrated and transparent commitment to people and communities and stewardship of the environment. 

For every jar of Good Spread sold, we provide one treatment of MANA directly to a malnourished child.  Each jar directly and personally connects you.  Our jar even allows you Track Your Impact” directly to the time and place your treatment will be delivered.

We do this with peanut butter. It works like this:

  • MANA (in collaboration w/ Doctors Without Borders) makes a vitamin-fortified treatment from peanut butter used to cure malnourished kids.
  • Good Spread uses the $2 Billion peanut butter market and a line of delicious, organic, everyday spreads to supply more MANA.  Because your choices matter, every purchase matters, and something as simple as today’s PB&J can give a child her tomorrow.
  • For every jar of Good Spread sold, we provide one treatment of MANA to a malnourished child.

    Because a child dies every 12 seconds from malnutrition.  

        “Stupid deaths,” as Bono calls them.

    Because there is a cure.  

        But there is not enough MANA for treatment.

    Cue the over 90% of households that eat peanut butter & an invitation to make their purchase matter.