The People Doing Palm Right

Palm Done Right doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and it doesn’t happen alone. Agronomists play a key role, bringing technical know-how and new information to the farmers, partnering with them to develop a growing plan, and guiding them to the resources they need.

A Natural Habitats agronomist in Ecuador teaches farmers about beneficial cover crops.

Agronomists are experts in agriculture—plants, soil and the environment. They often develop new methods to increase productivity or soil fertility, and work closely with farmers both to pass on new information and to gain real-time insights on what’s working and what’s not in real life.

Different agronomists may have different approaches to seeds, breeding, soil amendments, and weed and pest control. But agronomists committed to growing organically prefer animal power over mechanical; crop rotation and intercropping over mono cropping; natural pest control over chemical pest control; and traditional breeding methods over genetic engineering.