Partners in Palm Oil

We are excited to continue featuring our supporting partners who do such good work towards creating a more sustainable future for palm oil production. It is with the help of our brand and retail partners that Palm Done Right is able to continue its work with and support of palm oil farmers in Ecuador and Sierra Leone.


Photo via Willamette Valley Pie Company

Willamette Valley Pie Company

Willamette Valley Pie Company was founded by three neighboring farm families, with the goal of bringing the best from their land to your hands! What began as a small frozen fruit processing facility has blossomed into one of the Northwest’s largest berry packing operations. In 2001, they launched their value-added business and began making handmade pies, traditional cake-batter cobblers and frozen fruit polybags, supported by the local farming community in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Jeff Dunn (CEO) recently led the charge in converting to Palm Done Right shortening in all of their products, saying, “Willamette Valley Pie Company is excited to support Palm Done Right’s initiatives and be a part of the movement, educating consumers that palm oil can be grown for good, supporting farms, communities, animals and the environment. Today’s consumers want to know their food was sourced ethically and sustainably, and we’re always looking to do what we can to provide products that meet that expectation.

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