NBJ 2018: Africa By The Numbers

Our Sustainability and Corporate Communications Director Monique van Wijnbergen at Natural Habitats Group, part of the Palm Done Right campaign recently had a talk with Nutrition Business Journal 2018 and shared her experience on the ground and in the community during the operation in Africa. 

"The issues were “among the people, among the families,” she says. “So even though you think you are right there, you need to really be out in the communities. Engage everybody. Make sure you have a broad stakeholders
group and everybody is aligned.” 

In the case of Natural Habitats, informed consumers know the palm oil supply chain has dark roots, but they might not understand that it can be “done right.” “It’s something that we have to get across to consumers, but I don’t think they are there yet,” she says."

NBJ Takeaways
  • Africa has vast stretches of farmland untouched by insecticides and herbicides
  • Countries are more open to foreign companies
  • There is a lot of opportunity beyond “hot new” niche ingredients
  • Support systems for businesses are growing
  • Natural products brands can help set standards for the future
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