Choices Matter: Be Part of National Palm Done Right™ Month

Natural Products Retailers Come Together to Celebrate the Positive Side of Palm Oil


Boulder, Colo. August 28, 2018 — This September marks the first annual National Palm Done Right Month, a campaign designed to build awareness about responsibly sourced palm oil. Mission-based educational platform Palm Done Right™ (PDR) is enlisting industry and public support to help change the conversation about palm oil, and ultimately, how palm oil is produced.

As a shopper, you can make an impact in improving sustainable practices, preventing deforestation and finding solutions to reduce climate change. Be Part of National Palm Done Right™ Month and start voting with your dollar. The platform is designed to educate consumers about palm oil and what to look for to ensure that the products they buy contain sustainably-sourced palm oil. Consumers can find products made with Palm Done Right on store shelves including: