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Announcing National Palm Done Right Month in September!

Join a growing list of retailers helping to change the conversation around palm oil by joining the first annual National Palm Done Right Month this September.

Palm Oil has gotten a bad rap, and in large part, deservedly so. However, it’s not the palm oil itself that’s the problem – but the way it’s produced that damages the environment and local communities. Yet, palm oil has multiple benefits in our food and agriculture systems, and it can be produced sustainably…and responsibly.

Be part of a nationwide movement in calling for more responsibly sourced palm oil and join us in celebrating the positive side of this versatile crop, along with those who are doing it right during National Palm Done Right Month in September.

Help to build awareness about responsibly sourced palm oil, galvanize the natural products industry, educate your customers, and be seen as an emerging leader around this important topic.

“Being a Palm Done Right retail supporter has made a positive impact on our community. We have earned the trust of our customers who look to us for education and a better understanding of the products they buy and use. The Palm Done Right platform makes learning about the good side of palm oil easy and accessible to consumers. We encourage other natural foods retailers to join the cause.” 

 ~ Cheryl Hughes, Owner, The Whole Wheatery

Palm Done Right is about how individual choices can make an impact in improving sustainable practices, preventing deforestation and finding solutions to reduce climate change.
We are dedicated to improving our food system through responsible ingredient sourcing and organic agriculture practices. We believe that organic farming is the solution to preserving and improving ecosystems, soil, and biodiversity and promoting healthy communities and economies.  Join us!

Getting involved is easy and it’s FREE!      

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What happens next?

You’ll receive A Palm Done Right Welcome Kit with stickers and information to share with staff and to distribute in your store.

In addition, as a Retail Supporter, you get: 

  • Access to our knowledgeable team who can provide information and answer questions
  • Promotion of your in-store support through our social media channels (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Your store name/logo included on our retailer support page and print materials for display at conferences
  • Easy access to our website backend where you can download more information, photos and info-graphics to present to your customers in-store